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Article • August 14, 2012

Have a Travel Guide on Hand at All Times

Travel the world with no Internet using Triposo

Is that 200 guidebooks in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?

Oh, you’re just really, really lost.

In that case, you need Triposo. The free app for iPhone and Android gives users access to open-source travel guides for over 8,000 destinations worldwide, from Burma and Berlin to Nicaragua and New Zealand.

The kicker? You don’t need an Internet connection to use any of them.

Once you’ve installed the app, search for your desired destination. Each guide is downloaded and stored directly on your phone, so when you’re in a different country with no cell reception you’ll still be able to access the content.

What sort of content, exactly? Mostly anything you could need, including common phrases (spoken by the app), a laundry list of practical tips, and directories for hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, and more – all pinned to searchable maps. (Yes, offline maps.)

So the next time you’re lost in Thailand’s Red Light District, you’ll be very happy to see Triposo.