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Article • August 27, 2012

Manage Your Investments with a Mobile Financial Advisor

Track your investments in style with SigFig

Just because your portfolio isn’t worth a million bucks doesn’t mean it can’t look like a million bucks.

SigFig uses bank-level security to sync with your brokerage accounts and display your investment activity with impeccable design.

Boring figures and charts are brought to life with vibrant text (is that Futura typeface we spy?), comprehensive infographics, and flip-number tallies. The home page is optimized for semi-interested glancing, with account totals, movers, and a scrolling ticker of portfolio-related news. Wading into analytics like ROI and net margins is equally convenient.

Where SigFig really impresses is its patent-pending unbiased algorithms, which ran 103 tests and discovered that our mutual funds were underperforming, we were overpaying in brokerage fees, and our 401(k) fees were out of control. (Somehow even that looked good on the screen.)

SigFig is currently closed to the public, so use invite code NETTED when registering to gain immediate access to the site as well as the iPhone and Android apps. We hope you enjoy the spoils.