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Article • September 14, 2012

Stay Inspired by Artistic Masterpieces Every Day

Admire one great painting a day with DailyArt

So you’ve got a few minutes to spare. You could browse some headlines. Skim some tweets. Maybe scroll through some baby pictures on Facebook.

Or you could take in some really impressive art.

DailyArt serves up one masterpiece a day in the form of a push notification to your iPhone or Android device. The app’s complete collection, which can be accessed by swiping left and right, is a random assortment of both famous works (The Starry Night!) and lesser-known curiosities (The Crying Spider?).

Each day’s slide is accompanied by a brief description of the work and its creator. Though take note: The company behind the app, Moiseum, hails from Warsaw, Poland, so you’ll have to excuse the less-than-perfect English.

Luckily, you’re just here for the art.