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Article • October 9, 2012

Plant Trees for Forests in Need

Save forests with $4 on Reforest Patagonia

Patagonia simply means a clothing and outdoors company for a lot of people.

But for a lot of Chileans it means wide swaths of national forests plagued by destructive fires.

Reforest Patagonia plants trees for $4 each and emails a link with their exact locations in Google Maps. Just click on one of the gray trees to start.

You’ll be asked to log in to Facebook both for simple contact information and to easily spread the word. Specify if you’d prefer family and friends or local schools do the planting and donate some funds. That’s it.

If you misplace the email with your tree’s location, Reforest Patagonia maintains a searchable digital forest complete with your name and your tree’s GPS coordinates.

And just like that, a small company of people can rebuild Patagonia’s great outdoors.