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Article • November 29, 2012

Keep Travel, Transit, and Accomodations Stress-Free

Travel faster and better with Rome2rio

If you wanted directions from the U.S. to Europe in the early days of Google Maps, the service suggested you swim across the Atlantic.

The Easter egg has since been removed, leaving transatlantic travelers with a simple error message.

But Rome2rio is designed specifically to get you anywhere in the world, whether in planes, trains, automobiles, or ferries. Every journey is sorted by complete travel time and broken down with specifics for each leg of the trip.

Flight options show variations in travel time, pricing (after you add your travel dates), and layovers. On a grander scale, every option (except for cars and walking) also has links pointing to ticket sellers.

Travelers on the road can double-check their progress with the matching iPhone app. Or start at the other end of your plan with hotel bookings and car rentals before you head out the door.

That way you won’t have to freestyle it.