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Article • December 20, 2012

Track and Plan Your Air and Car Travels

Organize your travels with GateGuru

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, what holiday you’re celebrating, or which family members you’re battling, we can all agree on one thing right now.

Airports are a nightmare.

Our saving grace has been GateGuru. The app for iPhonesAndroids, and Windows Phones takes your itinerary and automatically turns it into a stream of useful day-of travel information.

Each trip gets a flight card, which includes everything from weather updates and flight statuses to security line wait times and a ranked list of airport restaurants and amenities. Realized you need to rent a car when you land? Do it right from the app.

GateGuru also compiles data like total airlines and miles flown, countries and airports visited, or air and security time. Review monthly or get the big picture with yearly – hopefully it’ll at least help with the expense reports.

The skies are a little friendlier this year, but remember TSA is as stressed as other travelers.