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Article • December 21, 2012

Keep All of Your 2012 Social Media Memories

Take a look back with 2012 Year on Twitter and Facebook Stories

2012. What a year. So many ups and downs – it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Luckily, Facebook and Twitter remember.

2012 Year on Twitter summarizes the year’s most tweetable moments based on popular tweets, photos, and hashtags. (Remember when the National Zoo live-tweeted the artificial insemination of a panda? Yeah, neither did we.)

For a more personalized approach, Netted-favorite Vizify steps in to generate an infographic of your year on Twitter, including your most vocal supporters and beloved tweets.

Facebook Stories catalogues 2012’s most popular memesevents, and trends from around the world. Like Twitter, there’s a See Your 2012 Year in Review feature providing a glimpse at your timeline’s most engaging moments.

And if all that seems like too much work, there’s always this chill-inducing highlight reel from Google. Enjoy the memories.