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Article • April 4, 2013

Use Your Health Data to Become Your Best Self

Tictrac rallies the Internet for your self-improvement

Change is hard; self-improvement damn near impossible. Want to lose weight? Sleep better? You’d better have a plan, because knowing your goal is one thing, but achieving it is another thing entirely.

Have we sufficiently primed you? Good. Now make the plunge with Tictrac – a new life-logging website that tracks your activities to the nth degree.

Think of Tictrac as a way to hack your whole life. Name your goal – say, sleeping better – and Tictrac’s got a custom-made routine to help you achieve it. Sync any of the services you use everyday – everything from Facebook to Runkeeper – and Tictrac will plot your progress in an array of charts and infograms.

So you’re trying to sleep better: Tictrac will use BodyMedia, Fitbit, and Endomondo to improve your general activity; Fatsecret to improve your diet; Zeo to get your sleep patterns in order. It rallies the best apps of the Internet to get you where you want to be.

Achieving your goals is hard; Tictrac makes it easier.