ClipPick - Netted
Article • April 16, 2013


ClipPick Seamlessly Copies Items Between Your Computer and Phone

Once in a while we find an app that makes us say, “How the heck did this not already exist?”

ClipPick did just that.

Like magic, ClipPick lets you copy and paste from your computer to phone and vice versa. Select any piece of text, picture, or URL and – poof! – paste it from one device to the other as if they were one. (See it in action here.)

Download the app for Windows or Mac from the site, then install the app for iPhone or Android. Once you log in both places, the two devices remain synced. No more emailing yourself a link to a map or a story you want to take on the road; just copy and paste.

The beauty of ClipPick is the option to use it is always there without having to actually open the app.

And now that it exists, we’ll expect more than a few copycats.