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Article • May 6, 2013

Create the Best Photo Collages

Fotor makes your hum-drum photos humdingers

To all aspiring photographers out there: We have good news.

If you want National Geographic-ready pictures but get cold sweats at the thought of purchasing (let alone learning) Photoshop, we’re here to tell you there is another way.

It’s called Fotor.

Fotor is a powerful, lightweight photo-editing program for Mac and Windows. From slapping on a Instagram-esque filter (with a bar to adjust intensity – nice touch) to tilt-shifting, the wonderfully intuitive tool can make dramatic improvements to any photo with a few unfussy button presses.

An especially nice feature is the “Compare” button. Hold it down and you’ll see what your photo looked like before you started tinkering with it; let it go and you’re back to the edited version.

There’s an online tool for nifty tricks like High Dynamic Range photos and iPhone and Android apps for editing on the go.

And did we mention Fotor is free?

We’re just full of good news today.