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Article • May 16, 2013

Sample the Best Cooking Videos

Panna gets the pros to teach you how to really cook

There comes a point when following a recipe where you realize something has gone terribly wrong.

Was your “small” onion too big? Your medium-high heat to low? Why doesn’t your dish resemble the picture?

Here to help is Panna, the self-billed “first video cooking magazine,” which combines the convenience of printed recipes with the visual aid of a cooking show right on your iPhone and iPad (Android coming in July).

Each issue features step-by-step videos from seasoned chefs like Rick Bayless, Anita Lo, and Seamus Mullen. The cooks – and their featured dishes – run the gamut of cuisines and difficulties, though if the idea of making “lacquered chicken with red mole” scares you, fear not.

Between the gorgeous design and clever interface (when you pause the video, you’re shown the ingredients currently being used), even the most complicated dishes are eminently doable.

One recipe from each bimonthly issue is free; individual issues cost $4.99 and a year subscription is a cool $14.99. It’s worth noting that you retain complete access to everything you’ve purchased even if you unsubscribe.

So feel free to sample liberally.