Osito - Netted
Article • May 21, 2013


Osito is the Personal Assistant App Promised in the Movies

Hasselhoff had KITT. Iron Man had J.A.R.V.I.S. Tom Haverford has DJ Roomba. It’s 2013: Where’s your cool robot assistant?

Meet Osito. Named for a guide dog the employees met on a company hike, the brand-new personal assistant app couples predictive intelligence with your calendar, email, and location data to serve up what you need, where and when you need it.

It pops open your plane ticket when you’re approaching the airport. It suggests leaving early if there are reports of traffic. It even reminds you to grab an umbrella if rain is in the forecast.

And each piece of information includes an action to help you navigate the situation. Flight updates come with a phone number for a cab company, traffic alerts come with a one-tap “running late” email, and so on.

The price tag for all this cool tech? Nada. It’s entirely free – a lot better than $10 billion, if you ask us.