Consignd - Netted
Article • June 4, 2013


Make Your Own Online Store with Consignd

Did you know Kim Kardashian got paid $10,000 to tweet for That’s a lot, but its chump change compared to Charlie Sheen, who gets paid up to $50,000 for 140 sponsored characters.

But if you get your friend to buy a pair of Nikes you don’t see a red cent. That is, not if you don’t use Consignd, a new site that lets anybody become a retailer and get paid.

Consignd lets anybody create a storefront and earn up to 30% of what they sell. Browse makers and suppliers – everybody you think is making great stuff – and tell your pals to check it out. They get great recommendations; you get cold hard cash.

And the wares offered are no joke, either. Every Braun Gent you sell nets you a little more than $36, and it won’t be hard to sell people on this hip fixie bicycle.

But if you want to let Sheen make all the cash, don’t let us stand in your way.