Pixplit - Netted
Article • June 7, 2013


Make Collaborative Collages with Friends on Pixplit

When we say “high-tech collaging” you say . . .

(crickets chirping)

That was our reaction too, until we tried Pixplit, an artistically addictive collaborative collaging app available now for Android and iPhone.

Users choose a frame (there are 9 split styles to choose from) and submit a photo to fill one slice. Friends then add slivers from their own photos to fill the remaining slots, and the whole thing ends up looking something like this.

The results can be beautifulseamless, and mind-bending.

If you’re feeling not-so-collaborative, you can make splits all on your own. But the real fun comes when you make a split public – in which case you might post a photo of your shadow and get all sorts of crazy results.

Besides, it’s always nice to see how the other half lives.