Qwilt - Netted
Article • June 18, 2013


Automatically Create Shareable Photo Albums With Qwilt

You know #ThrowbackThursday. You’ve indulged in #SelfieSaturday. Heck, you might’ve even dipped a toe in #ManCandyMonday (and looked good doing it).

But what about all your non-themed photos? They’ll have their moment in the sun with Qwilt, a new iPhone app that automatically and intelligently organizes your iPhone gallery into shareable albums.

As soon as you open Qwilt, it organizes every picture on your device into albums (or qwilts) based on location, time period, and popularity (i.e. if you took 50 photos over two hours, Qwilt assumes they go together). You can also create custom albums and tag friends in photos.

For sharing, the app keeps it personal. Invite friends to view and comment on an album within the app or email it to them – either piecemeal or in its entirety. You can even mark certain photos as secret, so even if you share the whole qwilt certain photos will remain unviewable.

Perfect for those #ManCandyMonday shots.