Four New Ways to Give - Netted
Guide • June 26, 2013

Four New Ways to Give

Make a difference and have fun at the same time with these charitable giving apps and websites
  • Budge

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    A little friendly competition never hurt – in fact, it can actually do some good when using this iPhone app, which asks users to challenge their friends to do anything, and the loser donates to a charity.

  • CharitySub

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    Making donations isn’t at the top of your to-do list. We get it. This $5-a-month subscription service handpicks three charities each month so all you have to do is choose your favorite of the bunch and hit send.

  • Donate A Photo

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    Johnson & Johnson is making it possible to share photos and support good causes at the same time with its Donate a Photo app. For every day you share a picture, the company will give $1 to one of its handpicked charities.

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  • Give Your Calories

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    Action Against Hunger has released an app that uses photo recognition and barcode scanning to determine the calories of the food you eat and convert them into monetary donations. Burgers never tasted so good.