Bring Your Beautiful Instas to Life - Netted
Article • July 25, 2013

Bring Your Beautiful Instas to Life

Piccolo delivers your best photos monthly

Things we miss about the pre-Instagram universe: photo albums, picture frames, actually holding prints in our hands.

Things we don’t miss: getting photos developed.

Enter Piccolo, a subscription service that puts photo printing on autopilot.

Every month, Piccolo skims your Instagram and Facebook accounts and sends you an email of the photos you shared. Either choose the ones you want printed or live by the seat of your pants (our preferred method) and let Piccolo choose an assortment of popular snapshots.

A few days later you’ll receive a set of 20, 40, or 60 prints (prices vary) in the mail. Instagrams come in 4”x4″ squares; regular pictures are 4”x6″.

Piccolo is currently in beta, but the first 1000 Netted readers who sign up will get to cut the line, and get $5 off their first order using the promo code NETTEDPICS.

You’ll have to hang them on your wall yourself, though.