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Article • July 31, 2013

Expand Your Packed Calendar

UpTo schedules all your needs and interests

Do you ever get the feeling that you have something to do, you just don’t know what it is?

UpTo knows what it is. And it will add it to your calendar. Without you lifting a finger.

The new app for iPhone and Android plugs into your current calendar (Google, Outlook, and Yahoo are all supported) and syncs your scheduled items. Sign in with Facebook to add events and friends’ birthdays.

Stop there and you’ve got a basic calendar app. But what makes UpTo unique is its stable of 5,000 event streams – basically public calendars – that users can follow.

Options range from TV show schedules and movie releases to concerts and college football games – all viewable alongside your current agenda. Plus, you can co-view calendars with friends and family to privately RSVP and comment on shared events.

For example, “Don’t even think about not being in front of the TV tonight.”