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Article • September 9, 2013

Dine Among The Best

EatWith lets you dine in homes around the world

If there was an app to have Mom’s home-cooked meatloaf delivered on demand, you best believe we’d shell out the 99 cents.

But until someone works out the kinks on Meatloaf-a-gram, we’ll happily settle for EatWith, a website that hooks up amazing amateur cooks with their hungry neighbors.

Now live in the U.S. and 19 countries worldwide (editors’ note: We want everything in Italy), the booking site offers tickets to home-cooked meals hosted in people’s homes. Each listing includes info on the host, menus, pictures, and comments from diners who have eaten there before.

Whether dining abroad or locally, EatWith takes great pains to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone, verifying chefs by visiting their homes and even insuring hosts for up to a million dollars. Plus, some cooks even let you request a date and meal.

Let’s just hope Mom doesn’t start charging us for dinner.