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Article • October 23, 2013

Up Your Internet Security and Privacy

Disconnect stops sites from secretly tracking you

Yesterday, we told you how you can record everything you do. Today, we’re making sure others can’t do the same. Why?

Because you are being watched.

No, we’re not talking some shadowy government agency. We’re talking about the innumerable sites across the Internet that track your every move without the decency to even say “please.”

The big boot for that nasty bug is Disconnect, a browser plug-in compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera that helps you visualize and block the trackers. Just install the plug-in to immediately embargo over 2,000 tracking.

That blockage has myriad benefits. Gone are those creepy “targeted” ads. Plus, Disconnect gets pages to use 17% less bandwidth and load 27% faster.

Disconnect’s iOS app does the same for your phone and tablet, and there’s a special plug-in for search engine privacy, too. About that last feature: Disconnect was created by some ex-Googlers and does a great job of stymieing even their best targeting.

Who’s watching whom now?