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Article • October 30, 2013

Find Out What's Going On Near You

Ground Signal pools local social activity

Imagine you could know what was going on – current events, openings, deals, you name it – anywhere, at any time.

Your friends will think you have super powers, but all you’ll have is Ground Signal.

Ground Signal is a new iPhone app that pools all social media activity within a user-defined geographic location. You supply the where and the map-based app will produce a feed packed with Instagrams, Tweets, Yelp reviews, and other public posts to keep you in the loop.

But the coolest part of Ground Signal is how those areas are defined. When you’re ready, draw a circle in the app’s map (they all end up looking like advanced calculus problems), and CO will immediately begin that feed.

Some may call your newfound clairvoyance magical; we just call it a free download.