Avoid Chatterboxes Every Holiday - Netted
Article • December 23, 2013

Avoid Chatterboxes Every Holiday

Autorelaxed politely shuts up holiday well-wishers

You know the scene well. Stuffed with turkey and pie, surrounded by shredded wrapping, you collapse on the couch. And as you drift into that ceremonial late Holiday stupor, your phone starts buzzing.

If all you want for the holidays is to be off the social media hook, start calling us Santa. With Autorelaxed, you won’t have to respond to a single social media tiding.

Autorelaxed is essentially an away message for social media. Just connect your Facebook or Twitter, choose or create an auto reply message (“Happy Holidays! I’m enjoying my food coma, but I’ll get back to you soon”), and tell it how long you want it to be up for. The rest is gravy.

Once you’ve clicked “activate,” you’re free to loaf on the couch, watch A Christmas Story on repeat, play some backyard football, or let grandma talk your ear off, free of the tyranny of social media graciousness.

Not a creature will be stirring, not even your smartphone.