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Article • January 17, 2014

Search the Internet With Hashtags

Embrace the first hashtag-focused search engine with Hshtags

Five years ago, a “hashtag” was something you got at a diner or from your college roommate. These days, they’re all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and your 14-year-old cousin Luke actually uses it in sentences, which feels wrong.

Well now you need not traverse the rocky waters of any of social network to get the best pound sign-appended news out there thanks to Hshtags, the world’s first hashtag-driven search engine.

Before you drop a #smh, know that hashtags are an incredibly powerful way of gathering information. Here’s how we mean.

Say you’re interested to know why your traffic on the #GWB (that’s George Washington Bridge, fyi) was so bad the other day. Just plug the term into the Hshtags engine, and you’ll find a trove of results from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Youtube, and beyond, and you’ll find out… a lot.

Hshtags is an amazing tool for gathering newsworthy posts. You can leave your other search engines for #throwbackthursday.