WePopp - Netted
Article • January 30, 2014


WePopp Finds Out When Groups Are All Available

American Hustle cleaned up at the Golden Globes, so now you really want to see it with your friends. But after the sixtieth email trying to find a time that works for everyone, you’ll probably just wait for it to show up on Netflix.

Or you could satiate your craving for buttery popcorn, New Jersey con artists, and some quality time with your homies using WePopp, an app for iPhone and Android that helps figure out when everyone can get together to hang.

Use WePopp to create events with a few essential markers (suggested time, place, and what you’re up to). Once you’ve put it together, invite any friends you want to schedule with and collect feedback. Your friends don’t even need to have the app, or for that matter an account, to vote.

Now you can always find the time – your inbox will thank you.