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Article • February 14, 2014

Streamline Your Contacts In One Place

Cloze summarizes and prioritizes social and email notifications

Of the hundreds (thousands?) of people you email, follow on Twitter, connect with on LinkedIn, and are friends with on Facebook, how many of those do you actually care about?

That’s the question Cloze wants to answer.

Cloze combs your email and social interactions to determine who is important to you – be it family, friends, or co-workers. Cloze then combines your social and email into a single view, and organizes it by who matters most (as opposed to who talked last).

At first it is a bit daunting, but small areas jump out immediately, like helpful categories for Life Events (e.g. career updates from LinkedIn), Key People, and Losing Touch – a list of people you used to correspond with but haven’t recently.

And even without logging in to Cloze, you still get the most useful thing of all: a daily email summarizing the social activity of your most important people.

That cuts through the excess hundreds (ok, thousands) pretty quickly.