Spin - Netted
Article • February 18, 2014


Let Spin Throw a Digital Party for You and Your Friends

Half the fun of sharing a hilarious gif or insane video is witnessing the reaction on your friends face – that’s something a like button just can’t replicate.

Bask in those hard-earned OMGs and WTFs with Spin, a video chat app for the iPhone that will put you, your friends, and all the content you want to share in one place together.

To begin with, Spin may be the most capable video chat app out there. It’s able to put as many as ten friends together in a video chat right on your iPhone or iPad to chat about whatever.

But where Spin really distinguishes iself is in its sharing capabilities. Choose photos from your phone, Instagram, or elsewhere to view; watch YouTube and Facebook videos together; even make special invitations to these rollicking chat sessions.

Not sold? Invite some friends to a chat and show them this. Laughing together is better than laughing alone.