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Article • March 10, 2014

Travel with Kids without the Headache

Plan the perfect family vacation with the Kid & Coe website

When we say “vacation,” you say “ahh.”

When we say ”kid-friendly vacation,” you say “ugh.”

It doesn’t need to be that way. It is conceivable – nay, even possible – that a vacation can satisfy both you and your kids without the help of Ms. Doubtfire. How might such utopian getaways look? Very much like Kid & Coe.

Kid & Coe offers a meticulously curated selection of homey residences, from kid-friendly flats to 7-bedroom villas in bucket list-worthy places like Patagonia, Andalusia, and the Swiss Alps.

We’ll forgive you for thinking, at first blush, that all of those places seem decidedly grown-up. That’s where phase two of Kid & Coe comes in. In addition to pack ’n plays and basic baby proofing, the site provides a full docket of locally sourced kid-friendly activities like sailing trips or Tuscan water parks.

How do you say “ahh” in Italian?