Avoid Enemies, Loudmouths, and Exes - Netted
Article • April 11, 2014

Avoid Enemies, Loudmouths, and Exes

Cloak is an iOS app for keeping track of people's whereabouts

You look up from your phone. The train door opens, revealing a familiar face staring back at you. The realization hits: You’re going to have to catch up with your ex.

You could have avoided this horror situation by using Cloak – an iPhone app that lets you know the whereabouts of folks you’d much rather avoid.

Cloak bills itself as the “antisocial network.” Just sync it with Instagram and Foursquare so Cloak knows where your “friends” are, all the time.

Finally, let Cloak know which relatives/coworkers/”psycho hose beasts” you don’t want to see. It’ll then alert you when you’re entering their vicinity. Or, if you’re feeling reclusive, have it notify you when anybody you know is around. It’s a fantastic way to dodge the dreaded “stop and chat.”

Use Cloak so you know when it’s better to skip that train . . . or just stay home.