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Article • April 18, 2014

Design Your Own White Noise Machine

Drown out distractions with A Soft Murmur on Android or the web

Ah, there’s nothing like a peaceful day, punctuated by the sound of jackhammers, screaming babies, and/or ambulance sirens.

Oh, sorry, are those everyday rackets not the noises you turn to when seeking solace? Then you’re in desperate need of A Soft Murmur, a customizable white noise site that will drown out whatever . . . uh . . . natural stimuli surrounds you.

A Soft Murmur offers a Captain Planet-esque platter of audio loops (rain, thunder, wind, waves, etc.) that listeners can cue up to block distractions.

What differentiates A Soft Murmur is that it’s all about mixing sounds to create transporting ambiances of your own: Enjoy a storm with rain+thunder+wind, or a beach campout with crickets+fire+waves.

The site also lets you set timers to stop or pause your sounds, and share your customized mixes with friends.

And no, there’s no “ambulance siren” option – for that, just remove your headphones.