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Article • May 9, 2014

Easily Claim Compensation for Flight Troubles

AirHelp is a service available on iOS, Android, and the web that makes airlines compensate travelers for issues with their flights

There’s a reason air travel has become a comedy cliché: It’s got its problems. But you might not know that when an airline screws up your trip you’re entitled to much more than standup material.

AirHelp wants to help you not only learn your rights – which they’ve conveniently outlined – but also get fairly compensated for botched air travel.

It may be news to you that if an airline bungles your trip, it owes you money. But that doesn’t mean you owe it hard-to-find forms or hours on hold, either. Now if your flight is delayed, canceled, or overbooked, you can file a claim in three minutes with AirHelp.

Submit claims online, or on the go with AirHelp for iOS and Android. They’ll take it from there to ensure that you get compensated.

This is key for AirHelp: They take a 25 percent cut, but only if you get paid. And by “paid,” we do mean paid. Average compensation is $1,100.

That’s no joke.