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Article • July 9, 2014

Humanize Your Address Book

Humin is a smart dialer app for iOS

Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen a name in your phone’s contacts list that made you say… who??

OK put your hands down (we can’t see you anyway), pick up your iPhone, and download Humin – a dialer app that uses contextual information from your calendar, address book, social networks, and email to provide you with a predictive calling experience.

Rather than make you store random details as people’s names – like “Gerard FromThatBarOn2nd” – Humin humanizes your address book by logging info like where you met people, when you saw them last, their professional info, and more.

Say you forgot the name of someone you need to call. Just type something like “from Milwaukee” or “met at Sam’s wedding” and Humin surfaces relevant contacts. It even alerts you when friends are coming to town.

Humin is in private beta, but Netted readers who tweet @Humin and mention us might just be able to skip the line.

You’ll never say “Gerard who?!” again.