Let Friends Know Your ETA without All the Texts - Netted
Article • August 14, 2014

Let Friends Know Your ETA without All the Texts

OMW is a location-tracking iOS app that shares your progress to a destination

You’re heading out to meet some friends. Google Maps has your route planned and timed. But the “ETA?” texts keep on coming.

The answer to those nagging “where U at?” and “location??” questions is OMW – an iOS app that tracks and shares your real-time location as you travel.

Upon launch, OMW prompts you to enter your destination. Rather than give you directions, it calculates your distance and estimated arrival time, and – here’s the cool part – asks if you want to share your travels with anyone.

From there just click on “Share Location” to send a live tracking link to anyone you’d like. Recipients don’t need the app to watch… just a browser. OMW even lets them know when you’ve arrived. (And don’t worry, OMW stops tracking you once you get to where you’re going.)

Like a wise man once said, “It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.”