Fly - Netted
Article • August 19, 2014


Edit Videos on One Screen, with One Hand, on Fly

Thank your agent. Thank your mom. Thank the big man upstairs.

Then thank Fly, a gestural video-editing app for the iPhone that makes big-time, Cannes-ready cutting room floor techniques as simple and intuitive as a flick of the finger.

Just give the app permission to use your videos and the editing can begin. Fly lets you record straight in the app or import up to four clips from your camera roll.

From there it’s one awesome editing tool after another: With Fly you can cut, trim, and rearrange clips; make them dissolve; show them in splitscreen; and even go picture-in-picture. Plus you can add music and voiceovers.

Fly also has the capacity to sync four different cameras at once to create live-action, multi-angle shots. That means you and three friends can capture a concert from different parts of a venue and stitch them together later.

It gives you a lot to be thankful for.