BuyPartisan - Netted
Article • September 15, 2014


BuyPartisan Reveals Your Products' Politics

Like it or not, corporate money has more influence in American politics than ever. That means it’s all the more important to know where your shopping dollars are going.

Enter BuyPartisan, an iOS and Android app that lets you see how your spending plays into politics.

Use BuyPartisan to scan the barcode or enter the name of a product you’re considering and it reveals a breakdown of the company’s political donations – including those of its board, CEO, political action committees (PACs), and employees.

The app also lets you compare contributions between companies. So you can figure out things like whether Coke and Pepsi are really red and blue, respectively (spoiler alert: turns out their contributions are almost identical).

BuyPartisan’s data comes from several organizations including the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating political accountability (through grants, APIs, and some awesome apps).

Time to put your money where your vote is.