Camoji - Netted
Article • October 3, 2014


Camoji Home-Brews GIFs Right On Your Phone

Ah, GIFs. They say so much without ever uttering a sound. They signal triumph. Express a desperate call for help. Perfectly articulate your Monday.

And now you can use them to say whatever you like, from the palm of your hand, with Camoji.

Camoji is a homemade GIF maker for the iPhone. It’s a little like Snapchat, but you can send it to anyone you can text, and like Nutmeg, but you can make your own.

Use your phone’s camera to record a short clip – say, of yourself deep in thought, or how your blind date is going – and Camoji will start looping it.

Once your GIF is set up, you can add text or emojis on top, so your point really gets across. When your masterpiece is complete, press and hold the loop in the app to copy it and send it to friends through iMessage or email, or swipe to share to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Now we’re talking.