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Article • December 17, 2014

Add Context to Your Contacts

Discoverly is a Chrome extension that collects information on your contacts

Our identities are spread across the internet, with work information on LinkedIn, personal info on Facebook, opinions on Twitter, and billion-dollar startup ideas on Crunchbase, Angelist, and beyond.

Getting a handle of your contacts’ backgrounds shouldn’t require a call to a private investigator. It should just need Discoverly, a Chrome extension that pulls information on your contacts from around the web to wherever you are.

Install Discoverly to your browser right here. Once it’s installed, sync your social accounts like Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The next time you’re in your email, you’ll find your contacts are accompanied by a full profile: their current and past jobs, recent tweets, job positions, recent tweets, and even shared friends and connections.

So, yeah, this can be helpful at your job: You’ll jog your memory for clients before they show up and get relevant info. It’ll also be useful before dates, interviews, meetups, and more.

It’s always good to know where you stand.