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Article • December 19, 2014

Round Up Your Friends to Hang Out

Notify friends of your location with Tag

This holiday week, you may find that a bunch of your old high school friends are in town. As a result, you’ll likely be getting the same text over and over again:

Where the party at?

Easily get your friends Brian, Wingo, Brandon, Kyle, Nelly, and Jermaine Dupri to the party with one simple app: Tag, for iOS and Android.

Tag does one thing, and it does it really well: It notifies friends of your location with a simple splitscreen map showing where you are, plus a photo or video. When you want to get together with people, take a picture or video of yourself while Tag grabs your location, and then select the friends you want to see.

That’s part of what’s cool about Tag: It’s not creepy or stalkerish. You control who sees where you are and when.

Now it’s easy to get the right group together, wherever the party’s at.