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Article • January 27, 2015

Detonate Your Social Media with One Mobile App

Xpire is an iOS and Android app for taking control of your social media history

Tech loves self-destruction. Want self-destructing pictures? Snapchat. Texts? Peek‘s for you. How about emails? Check out Pluto. Self-destructing files? DSTRUX. Self-destructing meta-data? Meet Wickr.

But how about a detonator for your own musings?

Xpire makes things go boom. This app for iOS and Android gives you control over what you’ve said on social media – and how long the fuse on future posts is.

At heart, Xpire is a social media management app. Plug in your Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts and the app rounds up your past tweets and favorites, and even cooks up a social score calculating the amount of potentially risky content you’ve shared.

That’s helpful to know, because Xpire makes it possible not only to delete regretful content from the past, it also enables users to publish social posts with a timer attached. This way posts can disappear automatically once they’ve overstayed their welcome.