Let Your Friends Play Matchmaker - Netted
Article • February 25, 2015

Let Your Friends Play Matchmaker

SparkStarter is an iOS and Android app that sets you up with friends of friends

Yente attempted it. Hitch made a job of it. Mulan resented it. Timon and Pumbaa tried to stop it. Marty McFly did it for his own parents.

You know what we’re getting at: matchmaking.

Look, you could meet people by making eyes at strangers in a bar, furiously swiping your screen to the right, or hanging posters throughout New York. Or you could get your friends to set you up (or set buddies up!) on SparkStarter for iOS and Android.

Start out by tapping into your greatest network of potential matchmakers: Facebook. Browse friends and their connections and vote up anyone who piques your interest. If the feeling’s mutual, the app will let you know.

Or let’s say you’re an amorous altruist. Help a brother or sister out by using SparkStarter to suggest a match between your pals. The app will make the introductions.

Put down those posters. Pick up SparkStarter.