This App Brings Drinks to Your Door - Netted
Article • March 20, 2015

This App Brings Drinks to Your Door

Minibar is an iOS and Android app that delivers alcohol on demand

You need a drink. No, you don’t just need a drink; you need a drink airlifted into your hand, 3D printed directly into your cup, shot from a Super Soaker into your mouth. You need a drink pronto.

Minibar hasn’t exactly weaponized liquor delivery, but it’s probably the closest thing. This mobile app gets drinks delivered from local stores to your door in less than an hour.

If you live in one of the 13 areas Minibar delivers to (we’re talking New York City, LA, Chicago, Dallas – the list goes on) all you need to take the edge off is an app. Give it your address and order anything from wine and liquor to cider and mixers, based on what’s in stock at your local vendors.

You can even use the app to book a personal bartender in case you’re throwing a party, or need someone who can make a really good Manhattan on hand.

So make that a double.