Spring Back to Health - Netted
Article • May 12, 2015

Spring Back to Health

Try ALOHA's New and Improved Superfood Smoothie Kit for Free


Ahh, spring. A time of renewal. A time to smell flowers. A time to shed excess clothing, check in with your body, and discover (oh god) maybe subsisting on pizza all winter wasn’t wise…

If your body could use some love in the form of essential nutrients, say hello to ALOHA. This company makes treating yourself well easy by shipping nature-made, perfectly portioned products monthly, full of plant-based proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They leave the bad things out – so, no artificial sweeteners or chemicals. Ever.

Get started with a trial of ALOHA’s new and improved Superfood Smoothie Kit. Made from whole-foods, each kit includes lean-muscle-promoting protein powders and vitamin/mineral-packed green powders. They’re perfect on the go and oozing with omega-3-rich hemp seed protein, pumpkin seeds, peas, and other superfoods you’re unlikely to find in your standard produce aisle (spirulina, anyone?).

Oh, and no blender needed. Start your Superfood Smoothie Kit free trial here.

Health and wellness never tasted so good.