Lock in Your Airfare - Netted
Article • May 18, 2015

Lock in Your Airfare

Options Away is an online travel agency that holds your flight as you make your plans

Buying airplane tickets is a delicate game. No matter how well you plan, it only takes a moment of hesitation for the price to jump from “this is a pretty good deal” to “I think I need to refinance my mortgage.”

It’d be nice if you could avoid all that by locking down ticket prices ahead of time. So Options Away figured out how to help you do just that.

Tell Options Away what flight you’re considering and it’ll hold it at that price for you for days, or as long as weeks, if necessary. In exchange, Options Away takes a small fee – between $4 and $50, depending on how long you lock it in for.

All things considered, that’s not a lot of money. But if you need more convincing, Options Away also tells you if there’s a better itinerary or if the price drops.

This is a pretty good deal.