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Article • June 18, 2015

Turn Your Vacation into an Adventure

Roadtrippers is an iOS and Android app that recommends the best activities for your trip

Vacations are for seeing secret waterfalls. Clear waters. Breathtaking views. Racing rapids. Romantic hideaways. Untouched beaches. Majestic mountains… or both at the same time.

They’re not for, you know, playing Candy Crush in the hotel room.

There are plenty of sites that help plan convenient, cheap, computer backgroundworthy trips. Now Roadtrippers is here to figure out what you’ll do when you get there.

Roadtrippers gives complete recommendations for your vacation destination. It’ll help you find and reserve the best accommodations, campsites, and restaurants. It knows where the most beautiful hikes and views are. It’ll even quantify your gas costs ahead of time.

But Roadtrippers is about the journey, too. Tell it your start and endpoints. It’ll show you all the scenic routes and places to stop on the way and will create an itinerary with directions. The answer to “Are we there yet?” is always yes.

Oh, and take some pictures when you get out there.