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Article • June 24, 2015

Make a Dent in Your Debt

Credible helps you save thousands on your student loans


Making monthly payments on student loans can feel a bit like trying to dig a hole in the sand with a toothpick.

You’re not making a dent.

The main reason? Interest. High-interest rates will keep you deep in debt for years – often decades – after you graduate. But Credible is here to fix that.

Credible helps you refinance your private and federal loans, reduce your interest rates, and pay your debt off faster by hooking you up with personalized offers from top lenders with rates as low as 1.93% APR.

It also makes this really easy. Answer a few questions and you’ll receive transparent options from various lenders that you can conveniently compare in one place. That’s it. No piles of paperwork. No tricky jargon. And it’s completely free.

The result is big savings. Credible has helped people save an average of $11,668 after refinancing. That’s a nice chunk of change.

Suddenly that toothpick you’ve been digging with feels more like a shovel.