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Article • July 1, 2015

Want to Take a Hike? Bring This App.

AllTrails is an iOS and Android app that shows you the best hikes, trails, and sights

“You should get outside,” says your dad/mom/therapist. You barely look up from the glowing screen in front of you. “Wha? Huh?”

Your friends and family, they’ve lost all hope for you. But little did they know that you were using your hypnotic device to find amazing outdoor activities with AllTrails.

AllTrails (for iOS and Android) is an enormous resource for hikes, trails, and more. You tell it where you are or what park you want to go to – majestic Glacier, monumental Zion, or the wild and untamed Central – and it’ll round up all trails (get it?) available.

If you need recommendations, AllTrails has information on the best places to go birding, bring your dog, or see a beautiful hot spring. Its premium service even provides printed maps with in-depth detailing and points of interest.

Hey – who said computers stop you from enjoying the great outdoors?