Always Get the Cheapest Flight - Netted
Video • July 17, 2015

Always Get the Cheapest Flight

The Hopper app for iOS and Android helps you find the best deals on airfare

You know that feeling when you book a flight and find it for a whole lot cheaper two days later? Put an end to knowing that feeling with one app.

INTRO: Let’s do some meditation. You’re lying on a beach. You hear waves lapping on the shore. A hunky waiter brings you a frozen drink. You saved a lot of money getting here using Hopper. The waiter tells you your hair looks nice.

Ah, that was nice, right? Can we rewind to the part about Hopper? Saving money on this site is as relaxing as the destinations it gets you tickets to fly to.

HOPPER knows when tickets are cheap. When you tell it where you want to go, it hits you with stats: here’s how much tickets cost now, here’s how much they’ll cost at their peak and here’s when you can get them for peanuts, so you know what a good deal is.

If you tell it a trip you want to take, it’ll notify you when the price drops and when you need book by. Or if you just need to get out of town, it’s got lists of the best deals from your local airport.

OUTRO: And that’s your cheat code. Okay, now you can rewind to that waiter. YOW.

CLOSE: Later nerds!