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Article • November 3, 2015

Discover Unique Places to Visit Around the World

Search for unique travel destinations with Travel Indicator

It’s sad but true: Your favorite beach town is starting to lose its luster. You’ve tried all the restaurants, you see the same people, and even the sunsets are looking a little pale.

Don’t settle for the same old vacation this year. Instead, try Travel Indicator, a site that delivers detailed travel recommendations based on the type of trip you want to take.

Like Roadtrippers for the global traveler, the site classifies hundreds of locations on everything from geography to the type of experience you can have there, and beyond. Check off some details about your desired trip (like the weather you want, how far you’re willing to travel, etc.), and Travel Indicator suggests unique destinations that suit your needs.

Each recommendation includes a detailed description, cost information on flights and accommodations, and more. Save destinations to your must see list, track where you’ve visited, and follow other travelers.

It’s time to start exploring.