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Article • November 11, 2015

Find the Best Destinations and Flights for Your Trip

Find and book cheap flights to great destinations with Fareness

Oh, if only the vacation fairy would alight on your doorstep and drop off a perfectly planned trip for you. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with that headache yourself.

Before you settle for another staycation, try Fareness: a website that helps you find the best places to go at the best prices.

Type in where you’re leaving from, when you’d like to travel, and the kind of destination you want, like a beach or somewhere in Europe. Fareness rounds up destinations that match your criteria. Click one to see fares and book flights via Priceline.

Already know where you want to go? Fareness will show you the cheapest times to fly there. You can also search hotels, which means you could knock out your holiday travel plans in one fell swoop. Get Quicket on your phone and you’re looking at a very stress-free trip, indeed.

Your vacation wish is granted.