Text on a Plane without Paying for Wi-Fi - Netted
Video • February 19, 2016

Text on a Plane without Paying for Wi-Fi

Text people in-flight with FireChat

While you’re up in first class, don’t forget about your pal stuck in economy: Text him in-flight, without paying for Wi-Fi, with this app.

INTRO: Here’s a scenario: You and your buddy are flying together. Or so you thought, until she gets bumped into first class, and you? You’re buried deep in economy, right next to a very cranky toddler.

FireChat: Your pal might be in a different world plane-wise, but FireChat will let you stay in touch: It’s an app that creates a phone-to-phone mini network so you can text without cell service. Just turn on Bluetooth and WiFi and shoot a message in the app.

You don’t have to connect to the plane’s WiFi network, and your phone stays in airplane mode, so the flight attendants won’t freak out.

OUTRO: And just be happy you’re not flying from Newark to Singapore, which was once the longest nonstop commercial flight. I’m talking over 18 hours of antsy toddler to deal with. Yikes.

CLOSE: And that’s your Cheat Code. Later, nerds!