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Article • February 23, 2016

Charge Your iPhone from Your Wallet

Charge your iPhone whenever, wherever with Nomad

Ugh. One percent. No, not the wealthy. The dire, low-battery predicament you always find yourself in.

You should’ve used a Nomad Wallet, the simple, no-brainer way to always have an extra charge for your iPhone. Nomad’s impressively thin billfold has a lightning cable and lithium battery with a full iPhone charge hidden inside. Avoid carrying an extra battery or bulky case and never again find yourself upstream without a charge.

Nomad Wallets begin shipping again on Tuesday, March 8. But we have one you can win RIGHT NOW! The first 100 people to click here will be entered to win a free Nomad Wallet.

Or save 10% with code NETTED10.

You’re ready to go, 100 percent of the time.